Payment Protection Insurance could be sold to you when you have any kind of finance to cover your monthly payments incase you have an accident, fall sick or become unemployed, or in the worst case die.

  • Accident, Sickness & Unemployment Insurance (ASU)
  • Loan Protection
  • Card Protection
  • Gold, Silveer or Bronze Cover (normally provided with Northern Rock and HBOS loans)
  • Loan Care
Can I claim myself? Yes – you can. You can do this for free by putting a claim to the lender or directly to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
  • Claim Advisory Services saves you time, effort and the stress of dealing with the complaint alone.
  • The Claim Advisory Services team has been involved in finance for over 20 years, so we understand how lenders work.
  • With this experience, we are able to pin point all the reasons for a mis-sold policy.
  • Claim Advisory Services will be able to establish exactly the level of compensation you are entitled to.
  • Claim Advisory Services will continue working on your behalf until you receive a suitable offer of compensation.
  • Claim Advisory Services will endeavour to make sure that the company you’re claiming against follows the FCA guidelines and time limits within the industry.

All PPI premiums actually paid plus a write off of premiums yet to be paid.

We operate strictly on a no win no fee basis and will only take a percentage of any compensation awarded to you. The fee that we currently charge for any successful PPI claim is 20% plus VAT (24% in total) effective as of 10th July 2018 and for any successful PBA claims we charge 33% plus VAT. PPI claims initiated prior to 10/07/18 are charged at 39.6% plus VAT.

No. The Financial Conduct Authority does not allow any company to disadvantage a customer because they have made a complaint.

All we need from you are the key details that the claim pack requires, it is very straight forward to complete. Once we initiate your complaint we can obtain any further information we may need to build the strongest case to maximise your compensation.

On average it takes around 6 months. As each claim is treated on an individual basis this may vary, and can be sooner or it can take as long as 24 months in extreme cases.

Yes. We will assess your case on its own merit once the pack is returned. Please provide a summary of the claim and any payout that you will have received..

Yes. If you have had previous loans that you wish to claim on please call us for further application forms on