HMRC Tax Rebate Claims

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The rules on personal tax allowances have changed and the great news is that you may be owed a refund from your previous PPI refund!

We are currently assisting thousands of customers to re-claim the tax that was deducted on their PPI refunds.

HMRC only allow a certain amount of time to make your reclaim. So make sure that you act today and don’t lose out call us now on 01902 214201 to find out more.

About the claim

Since the 6th of April 2016, when the personal savings allowance was launched, you can earn up to £1,000 per year of tax-free savings interest. However, since that time, tax on PPI refunds has still had 20% deducted automatically.

If you have had a PPI refund from 2016 and onwards, it’s highly likely that your lender made a tax deduction and paid that to HMRC, therefore you may be eligible to claim that tax back. We can do a free check and make the claim on your behalf.

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